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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Routers and Flowers

Blogger and Live Writer seem to be having some issues, I can't publish a blog with Live Writer--so if this one looks different it's because I had to use Blogger.

I think we've been transported to Seattle.
Our little mouser!

For as long as we’ve been back in Montana, the cowboy has been having computer issues—he gets those annoying “webpage cannot be opened” messages especially when hanging around on Craigslist but it happens on other sites as well.  I’ve not received near as many of those “webpage…….” messages but it does occasionally pop up on my laptop. 

This winter while in Arizona we purchased a new Brother wireless printer and it worked flawlessly—we love the thing but as soon as we were home the printer started losing connection with the computers.  Did these two issues have anything in common???  The HP printer we had before the Brother also had problems staying connected to the computers when we were home in Montana—I would have to unplug the printer and router allowing both devices to reboot—that little exercise kind of defeated the purpose of wireless now didn’t it!! 

At the end of last week I called our DSL provider, explaining our problems.  The tech thought it could possibly be a router issue and  offered to send me a new router—if that doesn’t fix the problem I can return the device—it arrived today and we will see what happens!

Michael is still working on the trailer he is building (almost done) and I’ve been spraying weeds (not done!).  Yesterday afternoon I loaded a quilt of mine—the Winter Solstice one—and started quilting. 

Last summer I didn’t plant any flowers in pots for our deck as we were going to Alaska—I missed my flowers!  Today I paid a visit to the greenhouse owned by our friend Kelli and her daughter Bonnie.  The flowers/herbs will probably spend a few days inside before being potted—we could still have a frost/freeze.

Not long ago a local business, The Fort, installed several Tesla car charging stations.  I must admit I was skeptical anyone would ever use the stations—look what I spotted today while filling my car with gas.


  1. I was checking Helena's weather this morning and tried to cheer Jim up by telling him that even if we were in Montana he wouldn't be able to go fishing because it's raining for the next tend days. Not sure it helped especially with the 105 temps showing up in a couple of days.

  2. Can't wait to see your Winter Solstice quilt!! It's going to look great hanging in your log house!

  3. I think the Montana house is telling you something....... :-) Emmi looks very focused in her warrior "armor" :-) Flowers and quilts - looking forward to seeing both!

  4. Interesting (and puzzling) issues with your Brother wireless printer. Back home from our winter RV'ing journey, our wireless Epson printer works with a cable; but it will not wirelessly. I have not spent much time trying to find a fix. With two printers, the hard wired Brother printer - connected to our desktop - works fine and running a cable from the lap top to the Epson works fine too.

    I look forward to seeing the photos once Michael has completed his trailer.

  5. Love Emmi's cute coat:) Too bad she has to wear a coat! Can't wait to see your quilt!! Enjoy planting flowers:)

  6. I don't know about anyone else but I'd like to see more photo's of what you and the cowboy are doing. You know, progress on the new trailer, your quilt in the quilter, etc. I really enjoy your blog and love looking at your beautiful photos.


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