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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Mish Mash

I belong to a Facebook group called The Boulder Folder—people in our community post all kinds of photos and information about goings on up the Boulder.  One day last week I happened to notice a post about Tom Brokaw’s Lucky Life Interrupted Dateline video.  Tom and his wife Meredith live in the Boulder valley and spend quite a bit of time here now that Tom is retired from NBC.  Michael over the years has done lots of work on their ranch and the video shows scenes from that ranch.  When I owned the store in town, Cinnabar Creek, and Tom had just written The Greatest Generation, he was gracious enough to do a book signing in our little store one rainy, Memorial Day weekend.  The video is excellent, Tom discusses how his diagnosis of multiple myleoma affected he and his family.

Yesterday afternoon the cowboy was fixing fence, it began to rain and I kept thinking I would hear him returning—nope, it rained and rained, no Michael.  I finally heard the downstairs door shut and I called to him, “did that fence need fixing so bad you had to stand out in the rain, are you just soaked??” and his reply, “I would be a whole lot less wet if I hadn’t fallen in the irrigation ditch!!”

DSCN1106SmileAnd look at that Larry, the cowboy is wearing sneakers again!!

And the lazuli buntings are back:


Emmi stayed with Nat today while we went to Billings for haircut and pantry restocking—had a great lunch at our favorite place, CJ’s.  The car was packed and it took us a while to unload—sure was glad we had that yearly cash reward check from Costco American Express to help with those purchases!!!

What’s up with Chrome lately??  I’m almost ready to say to heck with it and find another browser—I tried to embed a YouTube video into this post, one of us riding ATVs but keep getting an “unable to execute JavaScript” error.  Michael’s computer has been giving him fits lately—it will frequently go to “unable to load this web page” then in the next second load that same webpage??? 


  1. Tom Brokaw always seemed like a good man, how nice to have him in the neighborhood. Michael must have had so much fun climbing out of THAT :-)

    I have similar issues with Internet Explorer. Sometimes I think they just mess with us because they can.

  2. Maybe it isn't Chrome itself; I'm experiencing same problems with IE and unbounded issues with Mozilla at times.

    Just found your blog this week; love it !!! with the many beautiful pictures. Yes, as 'they' say, a picture is worth a 1000 words.

    I recently read Mr.
    Brokaw's book; it certainly gave me a more accurate understanding of that situation of war, during which I was born.

  3. Thank you for sharing the info about Tom Brokaw's video. It was very touching and of course the Montana portions were breathtaking. I read on another blog you are thinking of selling your place...that will be a very tough decision for you both to make. I am enjoying your blog and hope to one day be on the road as well.

  4. That was truly an impressive video. In 97 both Kathy and I lost our former spouses to what was only referred to as Bone Cancer. As the video pointed out many advancements have been made in just the last few years. The video brought back many memories seen from the caregivers point of view and it is something you would not wish on your worst enemy.
    Mike could have waited a while longer for his unexpected swim.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. Great video, when I saved the link I noticed that Tom now has two video's I have thought to save to share with my circle of friends, the other Tom explaining Canada to Americans during the 2010 Winter Olympics. Both insightful and well worth the time to view.

    1. Here's the link to the other video

  6. When I get frustrated with Google Chrome I revert back to Firefox. Works every time. :)

  7. I've watched half of the video, but have to check my GB usage before continuing. Selling your place??


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