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Monday, May 4, 2015

Canyonlands National Park, Newspaper Rock and Looking Glass Rock

Sunday, May 3 and Monday May 4

After that tough ATV ride on Saturday afternoon we decided to take a couple days off—from ATVing that is!  Yesterday we jumped in the big red Dodge and headed south to Canyonlands National Park.  We visited Canyonlands with Geri and Larry last spring while in Moab but were in the Islands in the Sky district.  Canyonlands is divided into three districts—Islands in the Sky, the Maze and the Needles which we visited on Sunday.



Just outside the park entrance is Newspaper Rock—I expected the site to be larger.  It was sad to see the defacement—I highly doubt the natives drew the peace symbol!



The weather would go from sunny, blue skies to dark, brooding—it’s going to rain skies making for some good photos!

DSCN0923Wooden Shoe Arch


 DSCN0978Geri even had us doing a little hiking and ladder climbing!

Today after a leisurely start we again jumped in the big red Dodge and headed this time to Monticello, Utah.  Our first stop was a BLM office—I think we could have gone to a local kindergarten class and gotten more information about the area!!!  Seriously—the guy manning the desk was clueless and they had NO maps!  The BLM wants the public to follow the rules but this guy couldn’t even tell us which lines on the map constituted ATV trails—and he was supposedly their expert!

OK, deep breath—on to the visitor’s center where at least the young man could produce a map!  There is a nice little pioneer museum attached to the visitor’s center too.  Lunch, then we were heading toward home to retrieve Emmi and take off on another adventure—Looking Glass Rock.  Gorgeous and we had the added bonus of seeing an owl nest with mom and two babies in residence!!!

DSCN0997DSCN1001Emmi, aka mountain goat!

DSCN1004DSCN1029From the back side—the black arrow shows where we spotted the owl nest—geez they have terrible bathroom habits! 



Another great day in southern Utah!


  1. Hard to believe the BLM guy was so clueless, you'd think that keeping people on the appropriate trails and knowing where they are would be the top priority! Looks like you found some sweet spots to see - love the looking glass :-) The owls would certainly be better camouflaged if not for their "markings" on the wall! Love their photos, so cute.

  2. That's too bad the BLM guy was clueless. The ranger at the VC in Canyonlands (Needles Section) was a non talker and just said yes or no when we ask him questions. I told John that's why they put him out in the middle of nowhere.

    Those huge white streaks are dead give aways to the owls. Too bad we only find empty areas. Glad you found a real treasure. The photos are gorgeous. The babies are huge.

  3. I forgot to mention "flying" Emmi in the last post and, again, I forgot to mention what a darling little mountain goat she makes:) Good to see her having so much fun.

  4. Gorgeous area, Janna. We're enjoying reading your story and seeing the photographs. We need to spend more time visiting there.

  5. Isn't that whole area of Utah just the most scenic place. One could spend a lifetime & never see everything. There is a magic to the land which remains in one's mind & keeps drawing one back. Ever since first seeing Utah back in May of 1992 it has always been my favorite State.


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