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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Quack, Quack, Quack

And it’s raining again, and raining some more!!  Of course it is Memorial Day weekend—it either rains or snows on this three day weekend—I guess we can be thankful it is rain instead of snow! 

Yesterday we spent a large portion of the afternoon in Big Timber running errands—the bank, the feed store, the vet, etc.  We also did a quick longarm quilting machine repair at our local quilt shop before heading out to have happy hour with Nat.  On the way home it dumped rain in buckets, so hard I almost couldn’t see where I was going! 

This morning it was again raining making the cowboy rather grumpy so he deemed this a road trip day.  We headed out with no particular destination in mind—first stopping to have coffee with our friends Kathy and Jim, ending up in Martinsdale for lunch at the Crazy Mountain Inn.

 IMG_2106Emmi got to go with us—it was only about 45 degrees and raining so she is content to stay in the car on her blanket and wait for us.

Lunch at this little place was delicious and the restaurant was quite busy!


I must admit the rain is sure making our countryside green, green—a little sunshine would help, too!


  1. Gee, it looks and sounds like Colorado! You are into the auto hiking, too!

  2. Welllll...sorry it's raining continuous buckets on your place, but glad it's raining SOMEWHERE. Wish we had it in California!

  3. Welllll...sorry it's raining continuous buckets on your place, but glad it's raining SOMEWHERE. Wish we had it in California!

  4. Gee, what a quaint little town. Sometimes rain is frustrating, but Mother Nature rules...

  5. Who would guess that place would have delicious food?

  6. We here, in central California would love to have some of your rain, and yes, your mountains
    look lovely.
    Enjoy your weekend !

  7. I'm convinced there is a dome over CA, as there is obviously plenty of rain everywhere else in the country this Spring! I love that little restaurant, both outside and in. Having great food is just a bonus :-) I need Emmi to explain to Tessa that we really are coming back when we leave her in the Jeep! That green is beautiful .

  8. I'm glad the state is getting some rain. Hopefully it will help with forest fires. And look at all that green. It really is beautiful. That restaurant is now on my list. We had planned on exploring Montana for the month of June this year but that's not happening. Maybe next year.

  9. Thanks for the tip on Crazy Mountain Inn. We are currently workamping at Conestoga Campground in White Sulphur Springs, and Martinsdale is on our sightseeing list. We heard the pies are terrific!

  10. We have enjoyed great spring weather, here in the Pacific Northwest Coast, these past several weeks. But today offered up some welcome rain before we return to sunny and mild weather come Wednesday. Your Montana hills, valleys and mountains are very green though.

    A road trip on a rainy day seems to be good therapy for Mike....and you benefit too. That looked like a great restaurant.


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