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Thursday, May 14, 2015

ATV Video, Chrome and Homemade Cheetos

Here’s that promised ATVing video.  We were trying to find a trail which would lead to the top of the mesa on the west side of Combs Wash—this spot didn’t work, the trail only got nastier.  We tried another route and gave that one up too.  That same afternoon some guys stopped by our boondocking spot—there were three RZRs and one ATV.  The guys told us the RZRs made it up the really bad spot (not shown on this video, this spot was easy compared to the next one we found!!) but they had to winch the ATV up the hill—not my kind of riding to say the least!  Larry was our guinea pig and did not succeed--if Larry can’t do it, this girl sure isn’t gonna try!!

I contacted Rick about the Chrome issues but he doesn’t think the YouTube and JavaScript problems are Chrome related.  Once I grabbed the code from YouTube to embed the video and pasted the code into my blog post on LiveWriter, the normal black box would appear but it contained a frown-ie face and a message, “Unable to execute JavaScript.”  Seems the little frown-ie face guy was lying!!  Winking smile

Rick told me he searched around for solutions and decided to just try posting—the video posted in spite of this message--DSCN1113

so that little frown-ie guy has some explaining to do!! 

Rick did try and explain why Chrome has changed the way it deals with plugins—

Google made the decision to phase out NPAPI plugins in the Chrome browser several months ago and followed that up by disabling API plugins by default with the current version 42. NPAPI plugins use an old plugin API from the Netscape days.

Chrome now supports a new API, called PPAPI, which is not affected by this move at all. Adobe Flash uses the new API in Chrome for example.Google is phasing out NPAPI because it says that it's a big cause of "hangs, crashes, security incidents, and code complexity.” All of the old API based plugins have been removed from Google.”  Not sure I totally understand all this yet, but I’m working on it!  Thanks Rick!

And another Chrome issue, have you recently noticed videos are playing automatically when you scroll over the video?  I along with a whole lot of other people it seems, thought we had that little issue fixed—in the past you could go to Chrome, Settings, Advanced Settings, Privacy, Content Settings, Plugins and click on “Click To Play.”   Now Chrome no longer offers that setting—you follow the same route and instead of “Click To Play,” you can click on “Let me chose when to run plugin content.”  It works on some sites and not on others—I have no problems on Facebook (you can also turn off auto-play inside Facebook) but I do have problems on other websites/blogs.  I have been a long time fan of Chrome—but lately they are getting on my last nerve!  May have to do as Betty suggested and try Firefox!

Most of my day was spent in the kitchen using our vacuum sealer to package all the meat we purchased at Costco yesterday.  I also made some homemade Cheetos—per my husband’s request.  The cowboy never/usually never asks me to make anything in particular—he’s an easy feed but somewhere he ran across this recipe for homemade Cheetos—by George, they are good—they taste nothing like those nasty orange things (which the cowboy loves) but they are good!


Storms are coming—it’s predicted we will get over three inches of rain in the next few days—better start building that ark!



  1. Glad to see you were able to get that ATV video inserted in your blog tonight Janna. It was worth the wait.

    The problem of embedding YouTube videos in LiveWriter is absolutely not related to Chrome. I discovered last night after you called that I'm having the exact same issue with embedding YouTube videos. I'm sure this has something to do with Microsoft and YouTube(owned by Google). One of these firms has changed something that is not compatible with the other. On purpose? They do it all the time. I'm sure it will be sorted out but right now it's a fairly new phenomenon

    That long goofy explanation I sent about plug-ins was related to the "auto-play" of videos you were trying to stop and is not related to LiveWriter in any way. The short, non-techie version of that is Google Chrome has turfed the old plug-in code (.NPAPI) in favour of the new (PPAPI). The API stands for Application Programming Interface.

    Getting rid of the old code on Chrome is a good thing because it will eliminate a lot of the problems related to crashes, hangups and security breaches on the browser. Right now, the auto-play of videos is annoying but I'm sure Google will be able to resolve that to everyone's satisfaction in short order.

    Plug-ins have always been a source of trouble for every browser. Now, Google will rely strictly on HTML5 code right within the browser to handle all this.

  2. I was wondering what kind of rotten weather you were sending our way. We had a SE wind all day yesterday and today and that usually means something unpleasant is coming through Washington, Idaho, then into Montana before it gets sent north to us.

    Had a lady give me some Jalapeno Cheetos the other day and they weren't bad and didn't actually dye my fingers orange.

  3. It has rained all day here! Thank goodness we at least got in four days of hiking this week. More rain tomorrow!! Enough!

    Homemade cheetos sounds yummy:)

  4. Great video. The colors are so nice. I see you were leading the pack!

  5. I would like the Cheetos recipe too, one of my favorite snacks. I had wondered how you handled all the material and threads for your quilting on the road. Interesting. Love Billings. My friend that we visited there has moved to the country of Peru, but we'll still eventually get there, hopefully you will be home in Montana when we do.

  6. I have switched from Chrome to Firefox. All of a sudden I could not play a game that uses Java. No matter what I did it would not work. I also find that Firefox seems to be faster now. What are cheetos??


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