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Saturday, May 16, 2015

It’s Good To Be Home

In spite of the crummy weather we are having, it is good to be home.  Last night we were invited to a get together with our neighbors and friends at Craig and Deb’s.  It was very good to see everyone and of course the food was great! 

Yesterday I spent the day working on those dang cows and their barn.  The cow blocks are much smaller than the barn block which I knew when starting the quilt.  Math is not my strong suit and I struggled with sashing widths and lengths—but I think I am on the right track now. 

Over the years I’ve collected so many recipes it’s mind boggling—and I use them.  The recipes are printed from the computer, torn from magazines or hand written—I have a huge three ring binder with plastic sleeves holding this recipe assortment.  That binder is heavy and hard to store—it fits in only one of our motorhome cabinets—so I’ve been thinking of going entirely digital.  Several years ago when we wintered in Florida I organized the recipes, scanning many of them into my laptop.  But, I wanted something a little easier to deal with in the kitchen than my laptop which needs a power cord after a while. 

But how do you get files from a PC to an iPad???  Mr. Google to the rescue as usual and I discovered Dropbox.  I had a Dropbox account, not sure why but I do--this morning I gritted my teeth and started the learning curve.  By the time we left to go to Lonn’s late this afternoon I had more than half those recipes uploaded into Dropbox—I’ve been slacking off lately, not scanning the newer recipes; just cramming loose sheets of paper into the front of the binder—those took a lot of time to scan and upload.  I’m not sure I’m using the most efficient method of saving and uploading but I’m making progress!

Tonight was the best—we headed over to Lonn’s where the rest of the family had gathered—Lora Elizabeth is adorable—see for yourself!!

IMG_2019IMG_2020Mimi brought me this doll from Utah!

IMG_2037IMG_2044I love my Aunt Katie!


IMG_2055Can you tell this Mimi thinks that baby is pretty special!  John, our grandson-in-law has a visitor—his grandfather flew in from Tennessee and they all will be spending the week over at Lonn’s—I may need to get in some more Lora time!

So far we’ve had over three inches of rain—gonna need paddles soon!


  1. I was "going to" get so many things set up digitally before we leave, and with less than three weeks left I'm still procrastinating :-( Sounds like you'll have more cabinet space in the MH now! Lora is so adorable and getting big as babies must do - how wonderful to have her close for snuggles.

  2. Lora Elizabeth is cute, cute, cute. And it seems everyone dotes on her; as they should!

    And you have managed to continue to keep busy, no matter where you are, geographically. There is no life like it?

  3. That's why we all come home -to see the little ones:)


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