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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Back Up The Boulder

Leaving Dillon, MT Wednesday morning we stopped in Whitehall and filled the motorhome with diesel—$350 for 137 gallons—that’s the least we’ve paid for diesel in a long, long time!!  We stopped at Nat’s and I fixed us a quick lunch while we visited—it was good to see him again and little Emmi was glad to see Granddad too!

We unloaded the jeep at Nat’s and Michael went ahead in the motorhome while I stopped at the post office to retrieve a few weeks of mail.  After five months and three days we are back up the Boulder—it’s good to be home! 

The motorhome is unloaded and a large portion of the stuff is put away.  The washer/dryer have been going non-stop all day and even Emmi got washed and dried! Smile

It’s spring time in Montana—we woke to snow/rain and it’s cold—but that’s normal for May, unfortunately!  We do have leaves on the cottonwood trees and the aspen will leaf out soon.  I had some rosy red finches at the feeder today, soon we will see lazuli buntings. 


Life is good.


  1. Hope Emmi didn't seasick in the washer and dryer! ;)

  2. We are certain you are enjoying being back home, even if the weather is not overly nice.

  3. Looks like our view here over to Boulder Mountain! Glad you arrived safely:)

  4. Glad you found all in good shape including Nat. Bet he was sure glad to see you three :-) Such a beautiful view, even in the cold.

  5. Glad your home safe... It sure has been nice here. High was 64 yesterday, It is 44 this morning. Think of you each time I walk by your new house..... We may go up to Custer in a couple weeks, I kinda hate to leave this beautiful weather. I've been a little under the weather lately...... I'm like Ms Pat now and living from one Oxycodone pill to the next. You guys take care..

  6. There is NOTHING like home...cold weather and all! :o)))


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