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Monday, May 11, 2015

Amazing Amazon and a Wildlife Drive

Once again I have nothing but praise for Amazon!  Back around the first of February we purchased a Brother printer and shortly thereafter I purchased some non-Brother replacement ink cartridges.  Amazingly the original black ink Brother cartridge lasted until about two weeks ago.  I was not a happy camper when the printer refused to recognize the new ink cartridges but I was even more unhappy after contacting the company, T Surplus.  Emails were very unprofessional—misspellings, wrong words, lower case letters when it should have been upper case—weird and they basically said, “sorry, talk to Amazon.” 

The Amazon listing for these cartridges specifically listed our printer model number for compatibility—so when they didn’t work I felt as if the company should stand behind their product.  Well, that obviously wasn’t going to happen so I contacted Amazon.  In less than a hour I had an email stating I would receive a full refund from Amazon.  And if I needed cartridges order the correct ones then send Amazon an email with the order number—they would authorize FREE overnight shipping!!  Amazing!!  The refund has all ready been credited to my VISA—amazing again!!  Needless to say old T Surplus is going to be reading a very negative review shortly!

Larry and Geri went home to Custer, SD too soon I would say--

Snow in Custerhey, Larry, Mike has some snow shovels in the upper hardware store—should we send you a couple???

We were busy today—routine stuff—laundry, yard work—I mowed the grass for the first time and pulled and sprayed some weeds. 

Late this afternoon we decided to take a drive up the Boulder—I was hoping for a moose or bear but instead we saw these two strange chickens--

DSCN1087Sandhill cranes—strange we haven’t heard any as of yet at our house but spotted these two up the Boulder.

DSCN1096Elk at Crystal Springs—that one is sticking her tongue out at us—it appears they wintered well!

DSCN1100-001And a beaver!!!  A first for me—they are fast little buggers—he was moving so rapidly I had a hard time getting a photo.


A good day up the Boulder—the sun did shine today.


  1. I've had a similar experience with and they were spectacular with their response in my favor. I wish more companies did customer service like them.

  2. I also had that amazing experience with Amazon. They truly know what customer service should be. I can't believe you got a picture of a beaver. They are like roadrunners for me. Way too fast for me to get a decent picture.

  3. Love all your Montana critters, so different than Arizona. Have yet to see a beaver in the wild - you got a great pic of that one! Amazon has amazing variety and their shipping can't be beat, but I think it's their customer service that keeps them growing. Making returns so easy, and their refunds so fast, at least makes me feel like the customer matters to them.

  4. Nice to see you home on the Boulder again.

  5. Kind of glad you're home, love the pics of the Boulder.


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