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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

On The Road

Nat and I have covered some miles the last couple days!  Tuesday we were in Bozeman at the VA clinic and today it was Livingston and the eye doctor.  It was good to spend time with Nat—yesterday after our trip to the VA we stopped at the Rib and Chop House in Livingston for a delicious lunch.  Today Nat treated me to what he calls “birthday lunch” at the Senior Center in Big Timber.  Once a month they have a lunch to celebrate all the birthdays in that particular month—the lunch is always roast beef, mashed potatoes, veggies of some sort and for dessert there is cake and ice cream. 

Nat sat on one side of me and on the other side I was privileged to sit beside a 102 year old man—who can still walk unaided, carry on a conversation and make you laugh—I was amazed!  I think he lives with his daughter who was also there.

The cowboy is building a trailer—yep, he is building his own trailer—it kept him occupied and busy while we were stuck inside with all the rain.  Today we finally has sunshine—still had that nasty, cool wind but at least the sun was shining!!

Since I didn’t have any photos of my own I borrowed a couple of Laci’s from Facebook.

Laci labeled this photo on Facebook—“the cutest little polar bear.”  And Mimi agrees!

and the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone—great photo Laci and John.

Michael and I have discovered our DSL internet is actually fast enough to stream TV shows and movies.  We neither are regular TV watchers and don’t even have a TV in our house but we did bring in the TV from the motorhome and we are now streaming Downton Abbey.  I watched some episodes of Downton when we were living in Texas.  Any other suggestions for good TV shows to stream? 

Oh, I forgot, I did have a photo—I love waffles with strawberries and whipped cream this time of year when the strawberries are really good.  I found a delicious waffle recipe on line—I refuse to use a mix—which had a “reduce recipe” feature.  You could enter a different serving number and the recipe site would calculate the measurement for the smaller recipe.  Great feature but I still ended up with three waffles—ate one and put the other two in the refrigerator, so I’ve been enjoying waffles often!



  1. Don't you need just a tad of real maple sugar on that waffle? ;)

  2. That is the cutest little polar ever:) Glad you had some sunshine!! The waffle and strawberries look so good!

  3. What a treat to spend some time with a centurian - so inspiring! I'm thinking you must have left the ATV trailer in Congress at the new this must be one for Montana? We watch mindless TV too often, but two shows I think are brilliant and highly recommend are Bates Motel (so much more than Psycho, and not scary), and Orchid Black (watch it from the beginning, don't skip any episodes).

  4. Super cute little polar bear! I had to close my eyes when I saw the waffle - I can just look at sweets and gain weight... :-(

  5. Looking for shows to "stream"...We liked "House of Cards" and a lot of PBS Shows, Father Brown,Doc Martin,New Tricks and Grantchester too name a few !! Enjoy !!

  6. If you are streaming on NetFlix, I have enjoyed Longmire. Kind of a mash up of the Colombo series and a Tony Hillerman novel set in Wyoming. If you enjoy a little SyFy, the series Eureka is fun.


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