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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Back In Montana

Six hundred and ten miles later we stopped for the night after having decided to start home this morning.  We were going to ride ATVs today but it was raining and no one wanted to ride in the rain or get the rigs muddy with that nice red Utah mud!  Our plan had been to leave on Wednesday but the rain changed those plans.

We said goodbye as they were going east on I70 and we were going west—Larry and Geri are heading to Custer, SD where they lived before going fulltime.  We had an uneventful day—the best kind—just ask Greg and Jan!! 

Rain chased us most of the day but we arrived in Dillon, Montana about 7pm to sunny skies and temps around 60 degrees.  Salt Lake City traffic wasn’t too bad but it was raining which makes for crazier than normal SLC drivers!  We’ve been gone from Montana longer this year than we ever have and it sure is nice to come home to leaves on the trees and green grass!


  1. Welcome home. Know you're glad to be there, even though you had a wonderful time in the Southwest.

  2. 600+ miles and still arriving with the sun up - gotta love those longer days! Still, you'd have to pry me out of the seat with a crowbar after driving that long in one trip :-) Now that you're so close I bet you can't wait to get up the boulder to home. Perhaps your last time summer return?

  3. I just don't know how you can do 600 miles in a day. I struggle with 200.

  4. I'm with Judy. I can't even imagine a 600 mile day in a car. Hard to believe you're already back in MT and we haven't even left AZ yet.

  5. Yours was a long travel day. No surprise there, historically speaking. LOL
    We sure enjoyed your stories and photos from Utah.

  6. You are quite the long distance drivers. John considers 250 a very long day. But then when heading home, I imagine you are rather anxious so why not get it over with. Hope you find all is fine back in Big Timber:)

  7. Always enjoy your blog ....... You must be a structured gal to do all you do and still
    write a post most days.
    I was wondering what do you tow behind the motor home? Are you able to put your
    car and ATV's in a trailer? Trying to picture how you do it. I think some states let you
    tow two trailers. Just curious. 😊


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