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Sunday, February 8, 2015

We Are Out Of Practice

After our early morning walk I went across and joined the painting party they were having at Jim and Ellie’s Smile--Geri had gone over to help paint—they are close to being finished with all the painting, once that’s finished they can move in! Smile

After lunch Larry and Geri stopped to retrieve us and we were all off on the ATVs—we are out of practice, we only rode 29 miles but both of us are on the couch moaning and groaning.  Your right thumb controls the throttle on these machines and gets very tired by the end of the day—more riding is probably the answer don’t you think! 

Fullscreen capture 282015 63011 PM-001I called this trip River and Dairy Queen


At dinner Friday night the ATV group talked about a really steep section of trail—Dinosaur Wash—and I overheard Geri say, “I wouldn’t go up it, Larry rode my ATV up.”  Well, Geri is my ATV riding idol—if Geri isn’t riding it, this lady most definitely isn’t going!!”   We did ride up and look at the treacherous trail—just getting to the base of it caused me to dismount and hand the handlebars over to the cowboy—here he is coming down.

It was beautiful, shaded and cool back there in the slot canyon.  The sun was at the wrong angle for my photos to be very good.

IMG_0968IMG_0971Geri went exploring but had to come back down the way she went up.

IMG_0934IMG_0976And our final destination, the Dairy Queen at HWY 93 and Vulture Mine Road—yes, you can get to the DQ on an ATV in the Arizona desert!  The new fancy housing development is putting a crimp in the route we usually use but we managed to wind our way around and find some ice cream! 

A very good day in the Arizona desert!


  1. You do things on your ATV's that we do in the Jeep...crazy!! That video reminded me of Boulder Alley that we drove two years ago while in Anza Borrego. Scary!! I love the slot, though. I am so much better on my feet:) Love the final stop!!

  2. Great desert fun! And in beautiful countryside too. I am envious. A DQ stop seemed most fitting.

  3. nice day for an ATV Ride! thanks for sharing the photos!

  4. Thanks again for the painting help! You all made my day and saved me from working on taxes. The ride looks great! Beautiful country.

  5. My favourite part of that hike was the DQ stop at the end....a DQ Blizzard would be great after that!

  6. Oh the aching thumb! How I remember that :-( Looks like a great ride from beginning to the sweet end. I'm so out of practice with adventures I'm making sure we have plenty of Ibuprofen and a heating pad when we get out there :-)))))))


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