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Friday, February 6, 2015

Feeling Better

We’ve both almost recovered—we took our usual hike into the desert this morning and Michael even made a jeep repair yesterday—some seal or something was leaking.  It took a combination of his and Larry’s tools to get the job done but now it is fixed.

Larry and Geri moved onto their lot today—they were only here a day before purchasing a really nice lot just up from where we are parked—a perimeter lot which looks out over the desert. 

Well, our printer left Montana on Tuesday and arrived at North Ranch today.  We bought a Brother J450DW printer/fax/scanner.  No more HP products for me—I was dreading the wireless set-up—the wireless set-up for the last two printers we have had, a HP and a Canon was a nightmare taking me hours and numerous customer support phone calls.  We plugged this one in, I followed the steps, it immediately recognized our Verizon MiFi device and success—I was printing—amazing!! 

Tonight we had dinner in Wickenburg at a Mexican restaurant with the ATV gang from North Ranch.  I haven’t laughed that much in forever—these guys are so much fun!  Have you ever seen a guy eat an ice cream cone with a spoon—Joe can! Smile

Yesterday we received a care package from Sarge and Sarah—a thank you present for the good times they had while visiting us last week.  It contained lots of great looking goodies from I would bet one of my favorite stores in Livingston. 

No photos the last couple days—my creativeness has been kind of slow to say the least! 


  1. Glad you are feeling better. Yes, I've seen someone eat an ice cream cone with a :)

  2. You must be feeling better to be out and about and enjoying ice cream too.

  3. And I eat my French fries with a fork! :)

  4. glad you are feeling better and the printer issue has been resolved!

  5. Good news all around - you're both feeling better, you got your new printer and it works to boot!


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