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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Working On Solar

For the last several days Jim and Ellie have had visitors from Amarillo, TX—one of Jim’s classmates and his wife.  They were leaving today so Jim and Ellie invited all the gang over for pizza last night to meet these easy to talk to, easy to get along with folks—Renee and Monte—I probably butchered the spelling of their names.  We all took too much food and Jim ordered too many pizzas—needless to say we were just a tad overstuffed when the evening was over!

We are such social butterflies here at North Ranch—we had two invitations for last night and had to turn one down.  Joe and Kathy along with Fred and Nancy were going out on ATVs to a spot in the desert for a happy hour—we ended up going out there in the dark with Larry and Geri after leaving Jim and Ellie’s.  No more food or drink for us two, though—we were still stuffed!

DSCN0345All six panels on the roof and a strange critter’s shadow!

The cowboy is anxious to see if those solar panels are going to work—he spent some of yesterday and most of today running and hooking wires to the combiner box and the controller.  He checked the output of the panels with a volt meter late this afternoon when the panels were not in direct sun and was pleased with the outcome. 

DSCN0351-001I sure am glad I married a handy cowboy!!!  We are still debating batteries—what brand, type and how many.  We would love to try lithium but are just not sure the investment is worth it at this point in time. 

DSCN0347The cowboy’s supervisor—you can see in this photo why every time we take her to our home veterinarian, he recommends orthodontics! 

Flank steak on the grill with roasted potatoes, squash and asparagus for lunch then an exciting trip to the Wickenburg dump—oh, joy! 

Today is Lonn’s birthday—happy, happy birthday Lonn!! 

My sister complained today that there hasn’t been very many photos of Lora Elizabeth lately—guess this grandmother is falling down on the job!  Laci is great about sending photos almost daily—yesterday we received a video showing just how much Lora liked pears—NOT!



  1. Loving your solar setting up! ...

    KarenInTheWoods and Steveio
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  2. nice solar setup!! and the baby is a cutie..thanks for sharing the photos!

  3. Love that smile. I guess because you are farther south with so much sun flat panels will work. Ours are angled to the south to get as much sun as we can get. Even in the summer it never reaches overhead. - Margy

  4. Nice work with the solar panels and wiring. It is a professional looking install. And it will be of interest to learn just how much energy you can harness once you have installed the batteries of choice.

    Beautiful looking and very happy little girl with her folks.

  5. Boy, Michael did an wonderful job installing the solar! It sure is great having a handy man on board:)

    Lora Elizabeth is such a cutie:) Technology is a wonderful thing for people on the road.


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