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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I Caught It, BIG Spurs and Sunset

Yesterday I was thinking I’m home free, the cowboy is feeling better and I didn’t catch his bug—wrong!  Went to bed last night feeling not quite right and woke this morning with the crud—dang it!!  We don’t get sick often but it does seem we manage to catch someone’s cold about once a year. 

The cowboy felt well enough yesterday that we took a short desert ride with Larry and Geri—just a putter out through the desert for a couple hours.  Here’s Michael and Geri checking out the weird, mutant barrel cactus we stumbled across:

IMG_0924IMG_0926IMG_0928Geri’s not getting too close to the cowboy—his bug might jump out and get her! Smile

Back home we all wandered over to Jim and Ellie’s for happy hour with their guests from Maine, Mike and Peggy plus Mike and Pat came too.  After happy hour Geri and I decided it was time for Larry and Mike to cook and off we went to the Congress Mercantile for burgers.  Very good food.  Coming out of the restaurant we all noticed the beautiful sunset—all any of us had for a camera was my iPhone—not bad I thought!


At happy hour Ellie and Ms. Pat mentioned seeing a curious sight on their way back from Wickenburg.  There is a new, huge, high end housing/neighborhood project being developed between North Ranch and Wickenburg called Wickenburg Ranch.  The Arizona highway department has been in the process of building a round-a-bout at the entrance to this development and the fancy, spectacular gates are being constructed.  Ellie and Pat saw a huge crane placing these “spurs” in the middle of the round-a-bout yesterday—I left all the clutter in one photo so you could judge the size of these things—massive!


Michael and I went to Wickenburg this morning for grocery shopping and to find honey!  Seems the lumber yard sells local honey—thanks Kelly!  I spent the majority of the afternoon in my lounger soaking up some sunshine—maybe it will help, you think???


  1. Dang! I'm probably in the minority, but those blasted round-abouts are the bane of my existence.... Met up with them in Mexico many years ago... wait a minute... nope... met up with them in Wash DC in the 70's... still a pain in the butt back then. Oh well... love the spurs. Hope you're feeling better soon.....

  2. We did see them setting that first spur into place but never thought of a second spur. Makes sense though cause all them there cowboy guys sure do got more than one leg I'd say.

  3. We hope you quickly recover from the desert crud. It sure takes its toll on folks. We know several RVers who have struggled with the affliction. Honey in hit tea could be soothing.

  4. That is the craziest looking barrel cactus I've ever seen! And the biggest spurs. Hope you feel better soon. Not fun to be sick. ;-(

  5. Yep. Got it here too, no matter that we are land-based. What a bug!

  6. Hope you are feeling better, Janna:) That is a strange barrel cactus. I've seen a crested barrel but that thing had 20 heads!

  7. That barrel is definitely different than any I've come across! Now that the crud has jumped to you I'll bet Geri is feeling very justified in her distance from Michael (although he was likely no longer contagious at that point). I think lots of extra sunshine is a great remedy! I suppose it's inevitable that "progress" will stretch out across more desert, but I always wonder where they're going to get the water for all the high end needs that go with those high end houses. They just added a roundabout in our old town and it eliminated the traffic jams overnight. They definitely have their place :-)

  8. You do know that the only way to get rid of a cold is to give it to someone else. LOL

  9. Hope you feel better soon. In the meantime, sitting in a lounger in the sun is as good a cure as any.

  10. Just read about the spurs in the Wickenburg paper....I haven't seen them in person but I'm thinking they could have picked something a little more subtle. Anyway,,,when you guys get feeling a bit better we want you to come up a mile and have a drink with us and maybe a game of pitch. I have Henry care (my great-nephew) most of next week and then I am free for a week or so.

    1. That sounds great, you can email us through this blog!


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