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Thursday, February 12, 2015

360 Degree View

This morning we took off on the ATVs--with Larry and Geri plus Fred and Nancy.  Some of the trails we traveled today were new to us and our lunch spot was spectacular, a 360 degree view!! 

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We traveled about 30 miles round trip with lots of rest stops and conferencing stops! Smile

IMG_0979IMG_0983IMG_0985Not sure what Fred is doing in the bushes!!  Larry was eating liverwurst for lunch!!  Sad smile


IMG_0986Wickenburg in the distance. 


None of the riding was terribly challenging today, just lots of fun!  Back at North Ranch we gathered at Larry and Geri’s for happy hour.  They are heading out tomorrow for a few days of riding with Tom and Sandy up around Lake Havasu.  We are off to Flagstaff leaving Fred and Nancy holding down the fort here at North Ranch. 


  1. Do you normally take established trails when out on the ATVs?

    1. Absolutely Judy--we don't make our own trails. North Ranch is surrounded by BLM land which in years past and even now been used for mining. It is also cattle grazing land--we run into herds of wild acting yearlings from time to time. There are hundreds of trails all over this land, we use those trails and some county roads. Fred and Nancy have lived at North Ranch for 10 years, yesterday we took a trail they have never used--that's how many trails are out there!

  2. Nice photos. And another really nice desert outing with the quads.

  3. WOW!! You 'kids' are having way TOO much fun!! Beautiful photos!

  4. Ah yes, the many "conference"'s a guy thing for sure. Are the bumpers on Emmi's box new? Great idea! Now I am one of those weird people who learned to love liverwurst from my dad. It's a great choice for a traveling sandwich because it doesn't slide off like lunch meat or "salads"..........but it's not for everybody :-) Hope the install goes well in Wickenburg!
    I wish everyone would stay on the trails :-(

  5. I'll just go along with what Paulette said - lots of fun.

  6. We have logging roads to ride, and we have some wonderful guys who just love to build trails beyond their reach. Some of the trails become registered with the BC government, and some are just there to use if you know where they are. Our area is hilly and in some places mountainous. I like the less demanding logging roads on my Yamaha Kodiak 4x4. - Margy


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