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Monday, February 23, 2015

Good Day For Doing Taxes

Want the weather to change, invite friends from Montana for a visit!!  Hopefully by Friday we will be back up to our normal warm temps before Terry and Jill arrive!  It was cool-ish yesterday and last evening began to rain.  Rain fell off and on all night and most of today—heavy rain at times plus it never got above 55 degrees all day—it’s good for the desert!

The cowboy decided a rainy day was good for one thing—doing the taxes.  Emmi and I laid low staying out of his way.  I did help by going back through credit card statements and Amazon orders plus I kept him fed! SmileHe made great progress toward being finished with that nasty business!

I finished my first knitting project!!!  Even though it has many mistakes, I am thrilled having learned so much—how to cast off, I’ve never done that, learning what many knitting abbreviations mean—I’m ready to start the next one!!


Our across the street neighbor Jan has daffodils blooming and some of the cactus in the park are showing signs of blooming.


Karen and Steve—the little refrigerator we have in the trailer draws only 200 watts.  It’s small Margy, that’s why we are able to run it on solar although we have a friend, Rollie, who runs a small chest freezer when boondocking on less solar than we have.  The refrigerator gives me a bit more refrigerator space than the RV one does and it also has a separate freezer—read ice cream!!  RV refrigerators are notorious for not keeping ice cream well.  The cowboy is still thinking about batteries, right now he has three old 12volt batteries he brought from the ranch hooked up to the solar. 

Our ATVs are loaded on the trailer—we are off on an adventure tomorrow—let’s hope the sun shines!!


  1. Is there really ever a good day to do taxes?

  2. Gee, your weather was really bad. We cooled off a little but no rain just way too much wind which hurts the golfing.

    Congratulations on your wash cloth! Great job!

    Have fun on your ATV trip! Hope the weather improves. We are only suppose to get to 58 tomorrow...brrr!

  3. Rainy and gloomy down this way today so I worked on our taxes. Gives me hives!!

  4. Oh cool, thanks for the info! Hope you guys have a great ride tomorrow and that the weather cooperates. We had SNOW here in Elephant Butte, MN !!!!

    KarenInTheWoods and Steveio
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  5. I'm afraid finishing our taxes was just depressing :-( Still, glad to have them done for another year. Next year should be much better :-) We had a lovely rain the last two days, but now I need it to go away for a couple weeks to get through two outdoor weddings and the permacoat on the rig. And for your Montana friends!

  6. Your knitting looks good. Keep it up and you will be an expert in no time. Enjoy your day tomorrow.

  7. I don't know anyone who enjoys preparing for tax season. No fun! The weather should improve by the time your friends arrive. It is already getting better here in Desert Hot Springs. Quading sounds like a nice break away from income tax stuff.....!


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