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Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Cruising around Facebook I came across a news article about the winter caretakers at Many Glacier Lodge in Glacier National Park—check out their blog—talk about total isolation!  The park is suffering from lack of snow at this time much like the rest of Montana—strange Montana winter this year, warm temperatures and little snow, it was raining today!

Any blog readers out there remember my previous knitting attempts—I tried socks which in hindsight was probably a mistake—and after ripping out so many times the yarn was stretched I gave up.  When packing the motorhome for this winters’ trip south I decided to bring less quilting stuff as I rarely sew and instead pack some hand sewing projects as well as my sock knitting paraphernalia.  When the cowboy heard I was bringing the knitting project he volunteered to leave some of his stuff at home so I could bring more quilting items—seems I swear less when quilting than when knitting! SmileWell, somehow I ended up leaving the partially finished sock at home.

Fast forward to a blog written by Judy of Patchwork Times--Beginning Knitting Advice back in late January.  Judy inspired me that day—I sat down at the computer and ordered yarn, needles and stitch markers.  Judy stressed—make something flat for your first try—so I am knitting something called a “spa cloth”—a glorified washcloth I think! Winking smileIt’s amazing what you can learn on the internet—I could not even begin to read the pattern—I knew how to cast on and knew what the “K” and “P” meant but that was the limit of my knitting lingo knowledge.  Thanks to Mr. Google I now know what “pm” and “sm” mean—those little markers are a life saver!!  I now know what “seed stitch” means, I’m having fun and I haven’t cussed once! SmileThere are mistakes I know—I have two extra stitches on each row but as this is my first real knitting project I am NOT stressing—it’s a washcloth after all, not a sweater!!


Jim and Ellie had business in Phoenix today and I was the designated dog sitter taking Mr. BoJangles and Jasmine for a couple walks this afternoon.  Michael puttered with the ATVs again making one trip to Wickenburg for parts.

Another easy, sunny but windy day in the Arizona desert. 


  1. Janna, the knitting topic is completely out of my league. So, I can only wish you success with the project you are working on.

  2. nice job on your first dishcloth..the dishes won't care about the errors..
    checked out the 'winter caretaker' blog!..amazing!!

  3. Good to see you are trying your hand at knitting again:) My mother taught me many years ago. Not something I found I liked. But I like the color of your wash cloth!

  4. I packed yarn and needles in the rig with hopes of finally learning more than just a flat knitting stitch. Love your yarn color! Nice to have some puttering days in the warm sun :-) Glad to see Michael scared Al and Kelly's frig into working properly now!

  5. Enjoy Flagstaff, and thanks again for taking such good care of our "kids". I used to knit....actually worked on a sweater during 8th grade English class. That was a few years ago!

  6. My first dish cloth was full of holes and skipped stitches too... ya know, Practice makes perfect!!!!!


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