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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

We Are Molding

It was raining during the night and it has rained/snowed/sleeted all day long.  The temps are warmer than they have been but it is still awfully wet around here.  I could use some Arizona sunshine about now.

I guess I should stop complaining, I sure am getting a lot of quilting projects and work done—can’t get outside to do yard work, might as well quilt.  I finished my Aunt’s little yellow log cabin quilt today and it turned out well.

Aunt Margs yellow LC

Michael worked on Steve’s project all day and Emmi and I held down the fort inside.  I’m working on some ideas to expand my quilting business and spoke with the nicest woman in California today that sells quilting patterns.  She ships the patterns to me, doesn’t take credit cards—when I get the patterns, send her a check!  One of her patterns is consistently in the top ten selling quilt patterns in the country so it isn’t as if she is not busy!  I am excited, once I get the patterns then I will order fabric—it will be like Christmas around here!

Emmi and I took a quick walk this afternoon and saw Mr. Skunk—we have been seeing and smelling him around, wish he would find a new home—he will find a new home if I ever catch him at just the right time!  On our morning walk these greater sage grouse were hanging around again, tormenting Emmi.

Greater Sage Grouse


  1. What a gorgeous quilt! With your referring to your quilt business, does that mean you sell your quilts to people? If so, I'd sure like to be one of your customers. :)

    Nice picture of the grouse. Have you ever seen the male when he is displaying? I've never seen a sage grouse, so hope I will when I am in your neck of the woods this summer.

  2. Ooh, beautiful work on the log cabin! What a cool variation...

    And what an adorable bird--how did you get so close?

    Great blog, thanks--I'll be checking back often!


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