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Monday, May 10, 2010

A Little of This and That

Took a walk, talked on the telephone, made lunch, researched free quilt patterns on the internet, mixed bread dough and got a quilt partially loaded onto the frame before Kathy came for her computer lesson just after lunch. 

Last fall I helped Kathy and Jim purchase their first ever computer and gave them a couple of beginner lessons.  Well, Kathy has progressed from that beginning and just needed some help with downloading photographs and sorting them.  Took us most of the afternoon cause there was a large amount of chat and gossip thrown in!

Sarge, Mike’s high school buddy showed up about the same time Kathy did and he and Mike spent the afternoon chatting and gossiping—yes, I heard you gossiping!

Michael has worn Wrangler blue jeans all his life.  We purchased two new pair on our last trip to Billings and were in sticker shock when we found out the jeans now cost $30/pair.  While in Costco that same day he noticed the Kirkland brand of jeans cost only $12.99 and decided to try a pair.  I haven’t stopped laughing yet and he wore the jeans yesterday!  Of course the jeans were baggy in the thigh, that’s how they are made and by the end of the day, the rear of the jeans was about to drag the ground.  I think he might have thrown them in the trash last night!

Emmi kept surprising this grouse on our walk—sending it up a tree each time.

Grouse And Emmi didn’t spot this deer but the deer was sure keeping a watch on that little black dog running around.



  1. Too bad you did not take a picture of Mike in his baggy jeans!! Maybe we could have laughed with you ☺

  2. Nice photo of the grouse! I'm living "in town" during May, and missing the wildlife of my usual refuge residenses.

  3. Steveio tried a pair of those young man's jeans... saggy butt and all. ICK! He bought them when I wasn't along. Back to the store they went!!! Sears sells a very nice line of good heavy jeans under the Craftsmen name, did you know that? Very similar to the Wranglers look, but extra heavy denim and also stain-resistant (or so they say)

    Karen and Steve
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