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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Grooming Dropout

Grouse on a rock And our daily sideshow compliments of the courting grouse!  When I put Emmi out first thing this morning, up on the hill sits the grouse!

Emmi had her first appointment with a real groomer today and it was a disaster!  In the 10 months we have had Emmi, I have groomed her twice—she was a little fidgety and didn’t particularly like me messing with her ears but we got it done.  OK—I decide to take her to a real groomer thinking the groomer will take the hair out of her ears, clip her toenails and give her a good haircut that I can follow.  Yea, right!  The appointment was to have taken two hours, maybe more if Emmi became stressed—I called at the 2 1/2 hour mark and the groomer told me to come get her—she couldn’t finish.  When I got there Emmi was beside herself and so was the groomer, she would not let the poor groomer come anywhere near her head with the clippers but when I turned the clippers on and started to clip a little around her ears, she was fine!!!  I paid and we left—so now I have a groomer dropout—we will just have to practice every day until we get it, won’t we Emmi???

Had a great lunch at the Rib and Chop House and paid a visit to the Livingston bookstore, Sax and Fryer that is an institution—one of the best bookstores you will ever enter.  Lots of Montana books.

Then it was home stopping in Big Timber to pick up a customer quilt and ice cream—Mike and I needed ice cream but instead have decided on wine after our stressful day!

Grooming dropout The grooming dropout!

And a last note:  Politicians are like diapers, they both should be changed regularly!


  1. I hope you invited the "Grooming dropout" to a glass of wine too since she was also stressed out!

  2. Yes, that grooming stuff can be very stressful for all involved. Here at home, Checkers & Motormouse are fine but Max would have to be totally tranquilized for anyone to even come near him with a buzzing clippers or snipping scissors. Kind of like us humans going to a dentist I guess!!

  3. Thank goodness Labs don't need grooming aside from having their nails clipped, I can imagine Rigg's at a hundred pounds not getting groomed because he insisted on licking the groomers face to death or knocked them over with a wagging tail. Maybe after a few more trys at home Emmi will be better, if not looks like your the groomer from now on. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.


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