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Monday, May 3, 2010

Batten Down The Hatches

The good old weather man says we are going to have 70 mile an hour gusts tonight so we are going to batten down the hatches, put anchors on the horses and Emmi and I guess we are ready.  The sun is shining this afternoon, we can be grateful for small favors!

Mike headed over to the West Boulder today so he and Lonn could finish work on the flatbed for Lonn’s truck.  It’s done.

Our USAF granddaughter, Laci, has received new orders and we are all very excited.  She is going to Italy for two years!  I need to start quilting night and day so I can save up some money to take a trip to see her.  Michael isn’t sure he wants to go to Italy but I think it would be cool. 

I spent the day quilting and finished a quilt which is a gift so no photos until the person getting it sees the finished product.

Emmi chewed up an ink pen today, thank goodness she didn’t get to the ink part before I found her. 

Photos are from our walk this morning.

rabbit This little guy thought he was hidden.

East Boulder Looking up the East Boulder.

blossoming leaves Hope all our leaves don’t get frost bit—forecast is for highs in the 30’s the next few days!


  1. I will go with you. I went with my friend a couple of years ago and want to go back. Where will she be? Wish you could be at my house for the reunion Saturaday. Will miss you and Mike.

  2. Big winds up here to, it you see us blow by

  3. Italy sounds fun!! My tomatoes are blooming and my other veggies are not far behind. Bless your heart am I going to have send you a care package of fresh veggies?? Time to kick those winter blues. Sending warm thoughts ~Kerri~

  4. Better put an anchor on Emmi so she doesn't end up in the next county when she goes out to do her business. :-)


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