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Sunday, May 2, 2010

This and That Sunday

Not very much going on around here today, the usual walk and then another walk this afternoon.  Crummy weather—cool, windy with the occasional snow/sleet storm blowing through. 

Michael spent the day in the garage and I spent the day downstairs sewing.  I completed a project as a gift and worked on a quilt. 

Emmi kept me company—late this afternoon I decided to repair a couple of her toys, one being a duck.  When she saw I had the duck I almost had to fight her for it so I could get it sewn up.  She is a very happy puppy now that she has her newest duck back. 

Flower patch

Kind of a boring day and a boring blog, sorry!


  1. Not boring at all, it reminds me of my days!! Good to relax some days.

  2. Ah, the beloved duck! Maybe it will cheer you up to know that Mr. BJ eventually gave his up. Maybe Emmi will "outgrow" hers one of these days!


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