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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Watching It Snow

For now the snow has stopped, we probably got close to 12 inches but as the day warmed up, the snow melted as fast as it fell.  We slogged down the driveway and back up as our walk this morning, Emmi looked like a little snowball when we got back.

Michael worked on re-covering the seat from the small skidsteer he has been working on and I cleaned house even doing a little furniture rearranging in the living room. 

For lunch we had chicken on the grill basted with Jim M’s Jack Daniel’s sauce, salad and lima beans for me, peas for Michael.  He whines if I mix the peas and beans together as he is not fond of lima beans. 

This afternoon I managed to complete a purse I started on at the quilt retreat a couple of weeks ago.  I didn’t like the fabric color I chose for the handles so I made some new handles today and secured them with really cool ceramic buttons.  The pattern, The Wasp Bag,  is a free download from the website DIY Bag Lover.  My sweet niece Niki gave me the fabric for Christmas.  Wasp Bag

I am off to quilt guild in Livingston tonight with friends Marjean and Debbie.  Hope the roads aren’t too bad.

Photos of our snow this morning.snow2

snow3 Rosy Finches in May


  1. couldn't get the pattern to open, any other suggestions?


  2. Never mind, I got it! Can't wait to try it!


  3. I'm with Mike, give me any kind of beans but those pale green lima beans are not edible. Glad you are keeping the snow down your way we only got about an inch and a half today. Will winter never end?

  4. LOVE that bag....I need something like that for a geocaching bag rather than the tool bag I bought. LOL!

    So glad it's YOU guys in that snow...we had our fill driving over Vail Pass in Colorado. UGH!!!

    Hope we can get to see you guys while we're in Montana!!

  5. Are those redpolls in the picture? I haven't seen redpolls in years. I'm not sure I'd want to see them again if it meant being in a foot of snow! :-)


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