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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

That Was Some Wind

Last night about 8pm the wind really started to howl and within minutes the ground was white.  We probably got an inch or two of snow with most of it sticking to the side of the house and trees—horizontal snow again!  Our power flickered several times during the evening and it even thundered once. 

We tried to take a walk this morning but the 22 degrees coupled with the wind drove us back inside. 

Michael spent the day in the shop working on Steve’s project and I spent the day working on a quilt with a little housework thrown in for good measure.

This afternoon late I whipped up a batch of chocolate chip/oatmeal/pecan cookies, Nat loves them.  He is going to babysit Emmi tomorrow while we are in Billings so the cookies are his payment!  I almost had to hide them from Michael, he thought they were pretty good!

That’s about it for today.  The rosy red finches are back and any day now we should see the lazuli buntings.

Rosy Emmi Emmi lays here on the rug looking out the window at the birds and hoping a deer will come by so she can bark!

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