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Friday, May 21, 2010

Mom Is Here

Spent most of my day getting ready for Mom and Chuck’s arrival.  I did get the lettuce, radishes, chard and peas planted in the garden.  Michael tilled the garden with the mini-excavator—seemed to work.  And he got the larger garden site mostly done—the dirt there needs to dry out some before we can plant.  Memorial Day weekend is the soonest we can plant anything outside and even then we better be ready to cover it on cold nights. 

Bear Paw Can you tell what this is in the photo??  The indentations at the left of the photo are the bear’s claws and the flat round part to the right is the pad of his foot.  Seems like we have had a visitor!

Mom and Chuck arrived about 4pm—it was so good to hug my Mom!  We visited for a while and brought all the quilts inside that Aunt Margaret and Marti sent for me to quilt.  I absolutely love the “schnauzer” quilt and its backing they sent me!  Then it was time to make dinner—grilled pork chops, garlic mashed potatoes, peas, salad and a divine berry tart—one of the best desserts I have ever made!Tart Now we are all sitting and relaxing—reading and computer stuff. 

Michael cut down some of the dead aspen trees today for firewood.  He worked outside a long time. 

Emmi and Red My horse Red was taking a nap in the sunshine.  We have taught Emmi to not chase or get too near the horses but she just had to try and sneak up on Red this morning, she couldn’t figure out what that big, fat red thing was—it was so cute—this is as close as I let her get!


  1. Looks like we both had some bear visitors. Cliff just talked to a neighbour who had a bear at her doorstep. I sure hope that never happens to me. I saw one run across the road in front of me a little while ago too.

  2. Would that probably be a black bear print? Eek! That might be a little too much wild life for me. :)

    Cool pick of Emmi and Red.

  3. Gosh that dessert looks GREAT! (I didn't have breakfast yet) Your horse looks like he is so grateful to be soaking up some Springtime Sunshine.

    Karen and Steve
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