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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Burning and Planting

It was a long night—at 1am the phone rang—I didn’t manage to get it answered before voice mail picked up—I thought the number on caller ID looked familiar but the person left no message.  So, we struggled for a long while trying to go back to sleep.  This morning I realized I did have a voice mail but the message was only giggling girls.  Still thinking the phone number looked familiar, I dialed it—imagine my surprise when I heard my Granddaughter Katie’s voice mail!!!!  I highly doubt she intended to call us last night—did someone else accidently hit the wrong button?? 

While on our walk this morning we decided to plant the little trees I purchased at Costco a while back.  And we decided to burn some of the brush piles that accumulate when you cut down trees and clear brush.  Michael got all the equipment going while I called the sheriff’s department to notify them we were burning today.

We planted three of the trees down by the pond and one in the backyard.  Michael used the mini-excavator to gather up dead trees, stumps and brush setting fire to four or five piles.  Our weather is just right for this activity, cool, cloudy, spitting rain at times and windy.  So far he hasn’t burned down the neighborhood!

Mom helped with the tree planting and Chuck has been working hard all day trying to get their satellite TV dish working—finally, just a few minutes ago, success!

We had a great lunch—oven fried chicken, sauteed squash (all the way from Arkansas), onion and broccoli, salad and watermelon.  No more meals for us today!  We might finish off that fruit tart I made last night—it was so yummy!  This afternoon Mom made the cake layers for Nat’s birthday cake.  We are going to celebrate his 88th at his house tomorrow night. 

I sat down just a few minutes ago and called our friends Mary and Gene.  We met the two of them while participating in a shooting sport down in Arizona several years ago and became great friends.  We have traveled together, spent time at each other’s homes and in spite of the fact they live in Washington and we live in Montana, we stay in touch.  It had been a while since we had talked and it was just so good to talk to Mary today.  Hopefully they are going to plan a trip to come and see us this summer.

Shooting Star2 

TreeThe little tree in the backyard keeping one of the rhubarb plants company.


  1. It will not be long and you'll eat your rhubarb. It looks pretty big.

  2. How nice to have your folks there for a bit, are they staying long before they move on to their summer job?

    Karen and Steve
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