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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Snowing Again

Woke to an absolutely beautiful 18 degree morning, sunshine and no wind.  We left for Billings dropping Emmi off with Nat about 8am. 

I dropped Michael at Harbor Freight and went to get my hair cut.  My hairdresser was running just a tad late so I was a tad late in picking Mike up—he told me it cost me an extra $50 cause he had more time to wander in his favorite store and find things he couldn’t live without.

Lunch was next on our list followed by a stop at Big R, a local ranch type department store selling everything from vet supplies to lawn furniture to blue jeans.  I got blades for my pet clippers so Ms. Emmi can get a haircut and we bought Michael a couple pairs of Wrangler jeans.  When did men’s Wranglers get to be $30 a pair????

We made a huge grocery store run at Costco and a final stop at Wal Mart.  Our refrigerator and pantry are full. 

Stopped and picked up Emmi then home to unload.  While in Big Timber the wind came up and it started to snow.  By the time we got home the temp had dropped and it was and still is snowing.  I think Mother Nature has her months mixed up, she thinks it is January!

May sunset Last night’s sunset.

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  1. Nice sunset. Do you plant a vegetable garden? If so, how late do you have to wait to put it in so it won't get frosted?


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