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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Quilting and Working on the Tractor

Did some catch-up things this morning and then started quilting. I wanted to finish this little quilt of Aunt Margaret's and get going on her next one. My Aunt has been drumming up more business for me--she has a friend who would like to send me some quilts and Aunt Margaret has more to send, too. So--I was on a roll today. The fabrics in this quilt--batiks--are beautiful.

Michael spent the day working on the baler and tractor and he is now ready to start baling what hay is cut when it drys out. We have had almost an inch of rain the last couple of days which is so unusual for Montana this time of year but we will take it. I feel sorry for the ranchers that had some really good hay on the ground and it was soaked by all this rain.

Jazzy went for a short walk with us this morning and even chased a bunny or two. She spent the rest of the day in bed and on the couch.

While I was quilting today I had the radio on--what is our world coming to??? There was a song which I later found out Brad Paisley sings called Tick. The lyrics are "I want to check you all over for ticks." Strange music!

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