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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ahhh, A Massage

Emmi got us up 3 times last night, 10pm, 11pm and then not until 4:30am--I'm thinking a long walk is in that puppy's future tonight, maybe it will tire her out. We took a walk down the driveway this morning and Emmi did really well going but enjoyed a taxi ride from Dad on the way back.

Michael worked on the garage front this morning and I attempted to quilt again in between loads of laundry and playing with Emmi. She did take a nice long nap early after our walk.

She has been eyeing the rug in front of the door, today she took action and really got mad and growled when the rug wouldn't move.

After lunch we headed to town. The bank was our first stop and we took Emmi in with us--all the ladies in the bank had to hold her and kiss her. On to Ullman's to pick up gutters that we are going to install on Joe and Tammy's house. Then is was time for my massage--ahhhh!
I stopped at the grocery store and ordered two cases of tomatillos for making salsa, I want to can some--we both really like what I make so much better than anything we buy in the stores.
Elizabeth, I hope you are having a good summer and that you are being a good girl for Mom and Dad. I'm glad you are reading my blog.
When we got home Michael got dog sitting duty and I mowed the grass, it was getting too tall for a short puppy.
Life is good. I promise not to post photos of the puppy every day--she is just so darn cute.


  1. No, keep posting the pictures. She is so cute. I loved the picture of her and Mike sleeping in the grass. Mary Ellen

  2. :) Oh PLEASE don't stop posting puppy pictures. We love them. She is such a cutie.

  3. Love love love the new LIL lady of the house. She is such a cutie!! Bring on the pics of Emmi we're loving them.

  4. Please keep posting pictures of Emmi. We love them. Next time mention Leah's name so the Jelly Belly won't fuss. Love - Elizabeth

    Tell Grandma Hi and that we love her! - Leah

  5. Been 'out of the loop' for a while... just starting to catch up maybe... and finding that the world goes on... no matter how much our own seems to have come to a screeching halt...

    It's a painful thing to lose those that are such a huge chunk of your heart... Whether they are two legged... or four.

    I pity those that don't realize those joys... before they are lost...

    It's especially amazing when you see a crusty Ol' cowboy sobbing for the loss of a horse or a dog... Says a lot about their hearts... and the spirit of that horse or dog... that could cut through all that tough hided baloney!

    Sometimes I think the Boss has some friends move along... because new ones are coming in... maybe the old one had taught us all they could?

    and as for the Pup Pics... I'm finding these days... considering what's all goin' on in the world... Folks are hungering for 'Good News'... Pups, babies... anything that is 'Up'... and positive... They'll not have any problem with seeing more of that Lil' darlin'!

    Take Care

  6. We know you are enjoying that sweet new baby. We are enjoying the pictures. Hope to see you soon.



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