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Monday, July 20, 2009

Haying All Finished

All that remains is hauling the hay bales in out of the field here at our house and the haying season will be finished. Michael will still have to load the semi on Saturday and Sunday with the hay from the neighbor's that Lonnie is buying. Our tractor and swather are both 40 years old and Michael managed to keep them both running to get this hay crop harvested.

Mike put away all the haying stuff--tools, parts and twine today and baled our hay up in the pasture. After a lunch of yesterday's leftovers we dragged his old 1995 truck into the garage. You all know that I brag on Michael all the time--he can fix anything--well, this old truck has him stumped. When Angie and Ralph were here in the summer of 2007, the truck ran one day and the next it didn't. Michael tried for a while to get it running and then we took it to the garage in town--they couldn't get it running either! Mike worked on the truck a lot last summer but never could get it to run so he is trying again. It is a great truck, still looks good and has lots of power if he could just get it to run!

I worked on my bear quilt today--what a bear of a quilt!! Spent 3 hours ripping out stitching yesterday and ripped some more today. Obviously this quilt is NOT going to be ready for the fair--oh, well, it will still look good on the bed in the RV.

We have noticed a yellow warbler going in and out of this wild rose bush just outside our bathroom window. We investigated last evening and sure enough there is a nest and if you look close the yellow thing is a beak. There were 3 babies in the nest.

It was a beautiful, cool summer Montana day.

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