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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Emmi 1, Janna 0

The title for tonight's blog came from a comment made by friends Jim and Ellie and it is true. We decided to let Emmi sleep with us last night and wouldn't you know it, she slept all night! I took her outside once around midnight when I was up myself and the rest of the time she snoozed--so she won that round!

Steve came up this morning to bring Mike the engine they picked up yesterday in Billings. He brought his painting supplies and went up into our hay meadow to paint--he is a very talented artist, we have one of his paintings over our fireplace and two more in the RV.

I quilted some this morning after discovering that Emmi does not like the vacuum cleaner and she likes the air compressor I use when cleaning the longarm quilting machine even less. She had to go spend time in the garage with Dad.

This is Emmi taking a nap yesterday morning, looks like her neck would hurt when she wakes up, doesn't it??

The toy she is snuggling with is a pig that we purchased for Jazz many years ago--it makes a weird oinking noise and Jazz was terrified of it and would never play with it. Emmi loves it, it is bigger than she is but she drags it around and fell asleep on it.

We are taking her with us when we go for walks hoping to tire her out. Michael carries her a lot but she seems to enjoy tagging along behind us.

Late this afternoon we went into Big Timber. I wanted to go out to the fairgrounds and see all the quilts entered into the Sweet Grass County Fair. There were some beautiful quilts--maybe next year I will get one entered. Emmi went with us and was the center of attention--everyone wanted to pet her and love on her.

It was a beautiful Montana day.

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