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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Quilting and Puppy Sitting

Michael took off early this morning to meet Steve and Jeane in town for a trip to Billings. They were picking up Jeane's car and then the guys were off to purchase an engine for an old car Mike is going to help Steve restore.

Which left Emmi and me at home! She was such a good girl all day. I fixed an enclosure in the quilt studio and we would play for a while then she would sleep while I quilted. I got a lot done on one of my Aunt's quilts today. I call it the "girly, girl" quilt, all white fabric and fabric with big roses. I am doing a freehand rose and some feathers all over the quilt.

It poured rain during the night and all morning making one little puppy a little reluctant to go outside. Finally about noon the sun came out and Emmi and I had a good time playing in the green grass. She is getting braver about exploring around, she found an old stalk of rhubarb and chewed on that for a while.

This is her favorite toy, a soft bunny that squeaks--at this stage, the bunny is almost as big as Emmi.
Isn't this one adorable puppy??
She found a stick to chew on.

My niece's daughters Leah and Elizabeth enjoy reading and having the blog read to them. Leah, are you behaving yourself?? Uncle Michael and I wish you would come to our house for Christmas this year.
Emmi had us up 3 times last night again. I am reducing the size of her sleeping crate tonight and see if she feels more secure--I am wavering--she may be sleeping with us soon--too many nights of too little sleep.


  1. We are loving the adventures and pictures of Emmi, what a cutie. A smaller crate may help, but snuggling that puppy would be very tempting.

    I hope we get to meet her before long!


  2. It took us 4 nights of puppy crying before we gave in and let our puppy sleep with us. Makes you wonder why you didn't just go ahead and give in the first night, doesn't it. :) Puppy snuggle is just the bestest thing, isn't it?


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