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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jury Duty and Billings

It was very cool and cloudy this morning, I wore a sweatshirt while spraying weeds--I had a date with the backpack sprayer this morning, UGH!

Michael headed out bright and early for possible jury duty. It was a one day trial and he wasn't picked. When he got home at lunchtime we decided that a run to Billings might be fun. We had no appointments or "have to do's" which is unusual for us. For a long time Michael has wanted to locate the grave site of his uncle Jack, his Dad's older brother who died shortly before his 20th birthday in 1937. From the letters we have it sounds as if he probably died of a kidney disease. Michael's grandmother was devastated by the death of her oldest and insisted that he be buried in a mausoleum. So, we headed to the largest cemetery in Billings on Central Ave. because Nat seemed to remember something about Central Ave. and we found Uncle Jack's spot in their mausoleum.

We had a very enjoyable late lunch/early dinner at CJ's then headed to Lowe's and Costco to pick up a few things. We are looking for new faucets for the motorhome and think we found what will fit.

A very unseasonably cool day in Montana.

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