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Monday, July 6, 2009

Dinosaur Eggs

It was another fun gathering at George and Shirley's last night and their new mud room, bathroom and guest bedroom are beautiful. They were very brave souls, they have been gone for a month to New York and Florida and left the contractor all on his own. The remodel turned out beautiful.

Claire and Robyn who were at the party last night have a Spaniel, a beautiful dog named Molly. She was bitten three times by a rattlesnake yesterday but is fine today, a little swollen but doing well.

It was back to spraying weeds for me today and Michael laid some more rocks on the face of the garage. I cooked up a batch of Jazzy dog food and practiced some quilting.

While I was out spraying weeds, I came across this thing--rock??, dinosaur egg??--no, it is a mushroom. It was at least 16 inches across and a foot tall, ugly thing!

A grumpy little Rufus hummingbird.

Another one of those days with thunderstorms moving through every hour. We are going to Tammy and Joe's for dinner tonight (social butterflies again) and tomorrow Tammy, Jeane and I are going to take a hike up in the Crazy Mountains outside of Big Timber.


  1. Your dinosaur egg looks much like what we call a puff ball here in Ontario. They are usually found in October on the darker forest floor. A lot of people slice them up & fry them in butter.
    Our thoughts are with Molly & hope she will be OK...........

  2. Wow, 3 times bitten by a snake... I did not realize a dog could survive 1 time.....
    That mushroom is really something !!

    What do you put in Jazzy's food ?



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