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Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Hay Is All Done

Yesterday we drove to Livingston to look at an enclosed trailer for pulling behind the motorhome. It was not the one, Michael felt it was too light duty. When we got home he went right to baling and I started quilting again.

Nat came up today and cut the rest of our hay here on the place; he is 87 years old and still loves to run the swather. Michael finished baling the last of the neighbor's hay so all he has left to do is bale ours here on our 40 acres.

We had a delicious Sunday lunch, round steak that I had marinated in olive oil, garlic and rosemary then grilled--cooked a little rare and sliced thin--YUM.

After lunch Nat went back to Big Timber--I think he really misses the Jazzy dog. He told me today that we just have to get another dog.

Lupine flowers and Boone Mountain in the distance.
Lettuce, spinach and radishes from our garden. Notice the ragged upper edge of the basket, that is one of the few things Jazzy chewed on when she was a puppy.

Mr. Bucky and his girlfriend.

After Michael finished moving some hay bales home we took a walk--I needed one--I spent 3 hours today ripping out a border design I stitched onto my bear quilt, may I never have to do that again!


  1. I am so sorry to read about the loss of your Jazzy. It is so hard.

    Love reading your blog - it is the best!

  2. Nat is one impressive man! What energy. Those fresh veggies sure look good, there's nothing like a salad right out of the garden, is there.

    I think you will know when (or if) it's time to get another dog, but sometimes the little critters have a way of just coming into our lives anyway!



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