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Friday, July 17, 2009

Haying and Going To Town

Michael needed a couple hydraulic hoses for the old truck we use to move round bales and I as usual needed some quilting fabric so it was off to town for me this morning. I did get the house semi cleaned before I left.

I seem to have a problem when figuring yardage for quilts. I never seem to buy enough fabric and this was the case with my bear quilt I am trying to get ready to enter into the Sweet Grass County Fair. At least two weeks ago I started trying to find some more of the original backing fabric, ordered it online but when it came almost a week later it wasn't flannel--that is a problem, now I am a week behind. I ordered fabric again online and the shop from which I ordered took their own sweet time in telling me they were out of the fabric I needed--OK, now we are two weeks behind. With Jazzy dying, I've kind of lost my ambition for a while so I may or may not have a quilt in the fair but I did find some backing fabric today---not the original fabric I started with but backing fabric none the less!

Michael finished cutting the neighbor's hay and came home for lunch--burgers on the grill. He went back over and started baling this afternoon.

I downloaded some older photos of Jazzy from CD's to the computer and our digital picture frame. She was such a sweet little dog. I'm glad I was always taking photos of her. The rest of the afternoon I worked on one of my Aunt's quilts.

You wouldn't think cactus could survive Montana winters but here is proof.

Michael and I are just enjoying a nice Montana summer evening.

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