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Sunday, July 26, 2009


If you haven't suspected by now, our trips all over the state of MT last week were in search of a new puppy to help us fill the void left by the death of our Jazzy girl.

On Tuesday last week we drove to Phillipsburg (4 hours one way) to look at a little black and silver male Schnauzer. We loved the breeder and where the puppies were raised but---the little guy didn't like us. The other two puppies all ready promised to other owners were all over us but when I picked up our little guy he yelped loudly and snapped at me. He did the same thing when Michael picked him up. The breeder took all the other Schnauzers outside and we tried again. The puppy ran from us and hid behind the couch. A friend of the breeder's was there and when she picked the little guy up he literally howled, yelping as if he were dying. Virginia, the breeder, was very understanding when we decided not to take him.

We were so disappointed but as I was reading the paper that evening a new ad had been placed for miniature Schnauzers in Emmigrant, MT about one and a half hours from here. I called the breeder and she had 4 males and one female so on Wednesday morning we drove over there. It is a working cattle ranch and the puppies looked happy and healthy plus they played with us. We picked out the little girl and decided to leave her with the mom and dad until Sunday morning as we had such a busy Thursday, Friday and Saturday planned.

So, today Emmi came home with us. She was 7 weeks old yesterday and will need lots of attention and training. We are excited and also a little sad--Jazz was a unique dog and Emmie will have big shoes to fill but all ready we think she is adorable. Our house was just too quiet and sad to live without a dog.


  1. She is precious and will fill your hearts and home with love and laughter for years.

  2. Welcome to the wild & wooly RV cyber blogging world Emmi & don't you worry about filling any big shoes.......your going to do just fine with your new Mom & Dad:)) Your Pal, Al:))

  3. Emmi is sooooo cute! She'll be a unique dog in her own way & will be a wonderful loving friend for you. JoAnn

  4. ooooooohhhhhhh. SOOOOO CUTE!!! And I love her name.

  5. OMG! I am so far behind in blog reading!! I was hunting up your blog to refer a friend who might end up living in MT (she rides). I am SOOOO sorry to hear about Jazz. Emmi looks adorable!!!! Hugs to you both!

  6. Love reading your blog and your past stories of Jazzy. I think Emmi will do fine in filling Jazzy's big shoes. Emmi is adorable, it is so much fun having a puppy in the house.


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