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Monday, January 19, 2009

Training the Goats

A beautiful although windy day in the hill country of Texas. We took a walk this morning and the Jazzy girl pooped out on us, too hot for her!
After the walk I went up to the clubhouse to sew on my quilt. Then a late lunch and back to the clubhouse for a Weight Watcher's meeting. While I probably don't need to join Weight Watchers, I have put on a few pounds since marrying Michael and I would like to get rid of it. He would also like to lose a few pounds so we will try this method. Many relatives and friends have had great success with Weight Watchers and their information and handouts are great.
This RV park is located on a working ranch and these are some neighborhood kids training their goats for the fair. Yesterday when they came through the park the goats weren't being very cooperative, today the goats seem to have the hang of it. I'm going to have to ask the kids why they are making the goats drag these tires, is it to get the goats ready to pull a wagon or to put muscle on them??

Michael has gone off to play games and I stayed in to iron (ugh) and relax a little.

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