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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dodged That Bullet

We woke up to sunshine, cold but no ice, YEA!!!

On Wednesdays a group of ladies meet at the clubhouse to share supplies, tools and ideas for card making and scrap booking. I agreed to take my new Cricut machine up and we had a ball--that is one group of talented women. Judy was making beautiful Valentine cards, Margaret was making birthday cards and I got all my birthday cards for February and March completed.

Michael declined to accompany the motorcycle riders today, too cold and he painted most of the day. In between painting he walked the Jazzy girl. There are squirrels in this park, Jazz sits in the window and just shivers with the desire to get out that window and get those squirrels.

I was going to stay in tonight but Michael called after he went over to the clubhouse to play games, the ladies were one person short for playing Hand and Foot so I did go over. My team was skunked so badly I told them if that was the way they treated people who came to help out, I wouldn't volunteer again--they of course laughed and didn't believe me. I love this group of people, they are the greatest.

Michael calls this painting, From the Past.

Retirement is the greatest!

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