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Thursday, January 22, 2009

The River Walk

Yesterday morning as I was showering and dealing with my hair, I became very angry (sorry again to all my male readers) at the mess that hairdresser made of my hair and the amount she charged me for the mess. So---I called the owner of the salon and she is going to try and repair the mess tomorrow afternoon for free. I feel much better about the whole situation, now, it was driving me to drink!

Several days ago, Judy invited Michael and I to join the two of them along with Billie and Henry for a trip downtown to the River Walk and an arts and craft festival. Michael moaned and groaned and said he did not want to go so I declined the invitation on our part. This morning he asked me what time we were leaving, when I told him I wasn't going if he wasn't he agreed to go. I ran over to Judy and Rick's and told them we were back in the picture, took the fastest shower ever and was ready to go before they were. We got down to the River Walk by about 10am and it was the perfect time to be there. Very few people, still cool, just a beautiful morning. We took a river boat ride, something we had never done before, shopped a little and had lunch. The puzzling thing was--no arts and crafts vendors. After lunch we went to the San Antonio visitor's center and picked up literature--in one of the books it stated the arts and crafts festival was in February! Judy was very apologetic but we all said we had a wonderful time anyway!
A shot of the river walk in the morning sun.

Rick & Judy

Billie & Henry
Beautiful flowers in January!!!

This was one of several flocks of babies we saw.

It was a great day of retirement living!

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  1. The River Walk is a beautiful place. I would love to go see it again. When I rode the boats, it was a very hot day in June. Good luck with the hair. I totally understand.


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