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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Jello Travel Plans

Friends Jim and Ellie talk about travel plans set in jello and I guess that's what we had cause we changed our plans today. We just love the people at this RV resort and they welcomed us back so warmly yesterday that we have decided to spend the winter here instead of going to Yuma. The park is very full and we will have to move a couple of times through the winter to various sites but that is OK.

We took a long walk this morning, this area is in a severe drought and you can see it everywhere. There is not a blade of green grass anywhere and the live oak trees are starting to look water deprived. The owner told us this is the 5th driest year ever in history.

The New Year arrived today without us ringing it in as is our usual custom. We enjoyed the party the RV resort owners gave last night, the food was great.

There are deer and Egyptian geese here in the park, some folks feed them and as dry as it is, the poor animals probably need the extra feed.

Lake Medina RV Park from on top of the hill. All the sites are nestled in the live oak trees.

It was a beautiful day to start the New Year. Happy New Year to all our friends and family.


  1. WHOO-HOO!!! Maybe we can meet midway on the bikes. We'll be in Mission until the end of Feb (should be there by Jan 15th)

  2. Hmmm... cast in jello huh?

    So... how does a broken down Ol' 'buster go about gettin' his plans converted to that jello stuff?

    ... Mine seem to be cast in solid concrete... with my feet locked tight! :-)

  3. Hi Janna and Mike...

    We are friends of Jim and Ellie and I feel like we should know you. Glad to hear that you are staying in Texas for the winter. Just maybe we might get to meet you.


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