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Sunday, January 18, 2009


Jazz came to bed with us about 4am, I got up and put her back in her own bed and went back to sleep. Michael did not so he got up and joined all the other guys who couldn't sleep for coffee down at the clubhouse. When he got back we had breakfast and then took a nice walk.

Laci (our Air Force granddaughter) was to have come out to the RV park with a friend today for late lunch, early dinner at 4pm. At 2:20 she called and said they were still in Houston. We re-scheduled for Wednesday.

Because I was supposed to be cooking for Laci and friends this afternoon, I missed the motorcycle ride. Michael went with three couples, Larry & Joyce, Karen & Eldon and Pat & Carolyn. They rode over to Castroville and even stopped at a Dairy Queen, sorry I missed that!!

My neighbors Judy and Karen stopped by and we sat in the sun and visited. I walked Jazz then went over to Judy and Rick's for happy hour. Michael came back and I cooked the pork tenderloin on the grill. Salad and butternut squash (for me) completed our dinner, delicious.

A wonderful Sunday.

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