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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Meatloaf and Cooler Weather

Early Saturday morning, the wind woke us and the temperatures had dropped. The sun came out but that wind was cold. Today we had no wind but temperatures only about 60 degrees. In the sun it felt great!

I did some household chores yesterday, laundry and ironing. Michael spent a relaxing day reading and working Sudoku puzzles. Jazzy spent the day napping.

We are trying to walk about 4-5 miles every morning and today's walk was great. We both spent some time on the computers and I prepared my Chinese Salad for tonight's potluck. The park is trying some new things this year, several of the men got together and prepared the entree for tonight, meatloaf (it was delicious) mashed potatoes and green beans. Everyone else prepared salads and desserts. The food was outstanding. Afterwards, the same crew that rode motorcycles last week played dominoes, men against the women and the men roundly defeated us!

Tonight we talked to friends and Nat. Laci (our Air Force granddaughter) called today, too.

A great Sunday.

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