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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Change in the Weather

It was so incredibly humid this morning, everything felt wet even inside the RV. There was a fine mist falling when we started out for our walk in shirt sleeves and by the time we got back an hour later, my hair looked like I had just gotten out of the shower. About an hour later, I went outside to start the grill, the wind was blowing and it was 46 degrees!! Talk about a sudden change in the weather. The TV weather people are predicting sleet and freezing rain for tonight and tomorrow morning, we sure hope not!! But just in case, we went out and got some groceries. The last time we were here in January, 2007, San Antonio got one of the worst ice storms ever-Interstate 10 was closed for 4 days across TX, no one went anywhere from this RV park for over 5 days. Our refrigerator died on day one of the ice storm and it took six days to get a new one here because of the ice storm. So--let's hope for no ice!

Costco and Wal-Mart were not very busy today--many people here in the park have remarked on how empty all the stores are these days. There is lots of commercial real estate sitting vacant in San Antonio, store fronts that were built and never occupied. Our government leaders are still planning on spending billions for bailouts, thousands of jobs are lost daily--scary times for sure. What is the answer--who knows but I am fairly sure spending more money is not it.

As I write this I can hear rain on the roof, please no ice!!!

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