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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hair Cut and Groceries

This is one of the things I like least about traveling--finding a decent hairdresser to cut and color my hair (sorry guys). My sweet hairdresser, Becky, back in Montana was kind enough to write out explicit instructions for the next person who might color my hair. I went to the same type salon I go to in Montana which uses the same products. My hair is just OK and it cost too much for what I got, wonder what I would look like if I let Michael color it????

We had lunch at Chili's and then proceeded to Hobby Lobby with our two 40% off coupons. Michael bought art/painting supplies and I bought some papers and new blades for my Cricut. Success, the Cricut now works! The lady who sold it to me said she had only used it 3 times, I think she used the blade to cut concrete 3 times! Now I can be excited about the Cricut and all the beautiful cards I can make, I was so disappointed when we brought it home and it wouldn't even cut cardstock paper.

Michael walked Jazz and I went over to see about our friend Ralph who had a heart catherization yesterday. He is doing well but the poor guy, Angie has all these plans for a diet that doesn't include very much good--not even any Jim Beam!

A breezy, cool day in San Antonio.

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  1. Janna...

    I am with you about that haircut and color. It took alot for me to step out of my comfort zone where my hair was concerned. I think only once or twice have I made a bad choice in salons. LOL!

    Ellie and I are off in a little while to our Weight Watchers meeting.

    Have a good day.



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