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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sewing and A Motorcycle Ride

Michael was up and out again by 6:30am to have coffee with the guys. When you are living in a RV, there is no such thing as the other person being able to sleep while the person leaving is dressing and getting out of the rig so I soon got up, too. At least I got to wait long enough for the furnace to warm us up.

A walk and then I was off to the clubhouse to sew. Michael was doing some computer work until Suzanne in the office sent him out to meet the post mistress since we were one of the guests getting a large box of mail. Our mail lady does not come into the RV park but delivers the mail to a box out on the main highway. We got all our Christmas cards and lots of other good mail.

The aging Hell's Angels took off on a ride finding a good place to eat lunch. It got a little too windy and they were back by 2pm. I sewed most of the afternoon.

We both went down to the clubhouse tonight and played games. A sad phone call came this evening, our friend Beryl died today--she was 93 years old--we shall miss her.


  1. Hi Janna !
    I checked out the campground website & couldn't find their rates. How much does it cost??

    We've been looking for a place to stay north of San Antonio & this looks good.

    Debbie Keller

  2. Winter rates are $260 a month plus electric.


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