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Monday, January 12, 2009

A Move

Remember me saying that the RV park was full and we would have to change sites a few times--well, today was moving day. We only moved down the road 2 sites from 17 into 12 and we like this site better than our last. The view of the lake, trees behind us instead of a motorhome, what more could we want?? And we can be nosy and see the comings and goings at the clubhouse.

I took one of our propane tanks into Pipe Creek to get it filled, our nights this week are to be very cold so we wanted to be prepared.

Michael went on another motorcycle ride with the guys today and had a wonderful time not getting back until about 4pm. Jazz and I took some nice walks today and had some nice resting our eyeball time, too.

Friends, Corrine and Kent were having a happy hour for another friend Carol in honor of Carol's birthday. I wandered over about 5pm and had a great time visiting, eating and wine drinking. Michael had just gotten home, was a little chilled and did not want to sit outside so he stayed home and had some computer time.

This is a photo of Lake Medina, see the RV on the left, last year when all the winter Texans were here, the water was within six inches of that RV. This year, the lake goes down by feet daily.

Another view of the lake looking in the opposite direction, across the lake you can see a boat dock totally out of the water.

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