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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Yellow Warbler, I Think

A while back I wrote about our psychotic little yellow bird that kept flying at the windows, pooping on the windowsills and chirping and chirping. It still returns every few days to do the same routine. I thought it was an immature Gold Finch but Howard and Linda from RV Dreams had photos of a little yellow bird they rescued and it looked just like my neurotic little bird, a Yellow Warbler. So, I have been educated. Guess I should use my new bird book more often!

Michael and I are both getting hitch itch but it is a little early for that. We still have a 3-4 day excavating project to do and we have friends coming to visit around the first of August so we won't be going anywhere for a while. We have discussed British Columbia and even just northwestern Montana.

My brother and his family should be arriving any minute I hope. I baked cookies all morning, Snickerdoodles and my famous Oatmeal Chocolate Chip/Pecan Cookies. I have a Costco spiral cut ham and will warm that with some potatoes and a salad when I see the whites of their eyes.

Michael finished manufacturing the rest of the roof trusses today and I helped him set them up on top of the walls with the help of the backhoe.

No photos today--maybe later. It was a beautiful day again today but still that pesky wind!

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