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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Working and Bee Stings

Is it called work when you can look at scenery like this all day??
We went over to the ranch managed by Michael's son to start another excavating project this morning. On the first trip we hauled the mini-excavator and then I came back to our house and got the John Deere skidsteer. It was the first time I have ever loaded the skidsteer into the trailer and I was successful!

While we were working, Jazz was hanging out on the front porch of the bunkhouse near where we were digging. At one point I noticed her scratching her face with her back paw. A while later, all of Lonnie and LoraLee's dogs came over and I let Jazz off the porch to play, noticing that her face looked strange. When I finally got her to slow down and let me look--oh my gosh!!!--her eyes were almost swelled shut, her lower jaw was huge and snake bite and bee sting crossed my mind but she was chasing the other dogs and rolling in the grass like normal. We headed home shortly thereafter and she was extremely restless and when she sat in my lap, I could feel her wheezing which really concerned me. After calling our veterinarian, he told me to bring her in and he would give her some prednisone, it was probably an insect hyper-allergic reaction. I had prednisone left over from last winter when she was so ill and he said that would work fine--less than 30 minutes after the prednisone she was resting and the swelling had gone down significantly.

Our new mattress worked so well last night and I can hear it calling me now!!

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