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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Billings, AGAIN

No improvement in my mouth and hand ulcers this morning, perhaps even a little worse. Bright and early I phoned my internist in Billings and was able to convince them to see me this afternoon. So, just after lunch we were off to Billings again! My doctor seems to think as the one in Kansas City that this is a viral problem and gave me some steroids in addition to the medication I got while in Kansas. If things are not much improved by Monday, we will go back for a biopsy.

I spent the morning cleaning, unpacking and doing laundry. Jazz and Michael sure seem to be able to create more messes when I am gone than when I am here!

When we got back to Big Timber about 6pm, we took Nat to the Steakhouse for dinner. We haven't been eating out much as we are trying to diet--Michael has lost 30 pounds!! We had a severe case of sticker shock when we got the menus, maybe our pocketbooks will have to be on diets, too. This is a little restaurant that will seat probably less than 50 people and it costs over $50 a couple to have dinner, now. We aren't talking tablecloths and cloth napkins--the restaurant is attached to the local bowling alley and has a very busy bar, too.

It was a beautiful day in Montana weather wise--sunny and in the mid-80's with a breeze--perfect!

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